Rudolf Stingel Italian, b. 1964



 Rudolf Stingel,  a contemporary artist born in Merano, Italy, experiments with a variety of mediums and subject matter with the goal of being 'non-decorative'.  Since the 1980s, Rudolf Stingel has been interrogating his chosen medium, asking what is a painting, who makes them, and how are they made, in his own paintings, installations, and conceptual projects. Turning notions of authenticity, hierarchy, meaning, and context on their head, Stingel courts audience participation and uses unlikely materials in his work. He is known for covering exhibition spaces with carpeting (most recently the Palazzo Grassi in Venice), and with panels overlaid with malleable silver sheets, and inviting viewers to mark them as they please. Stingel also produces more traditional-seeming oil-on-canvas compositions. Ranging from blurred to photorealistic, they position painting as an unreliable repository of memory, inevitably mediated by time and by the artist’s subjectivity.


In 2006, Stingel was selected for the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City.