Mark Borghi Looks Inside the Artist’s Garage

Dan's Papers, February 15, 2016

Currently on view at Mark Borghi Fine Art Bridgehampton, Johnston and Nower: Inside the Artist’s Garage, is both Gregory Johnston and Jason Nower’s inaugural show with the gallery.


The show is presented in conjunction with Corsa Rossa (The Physical Presence of Being) an exhibition of Johnston’s work made from vintage Ferrari parts currently on view at Mark Borghi Fine Art in Palm Beach.


Johnston and Nower: Inside the Artist’s Garage is a dialogue between artists. One, Johnston, exploring the process and fusion of classic automobile finishes through artistic forms, while the other, Nower, captures the passion and depth of the creative process in photographs. A hybrid of artist studio and classic racecar garage, Johnston’s East Hampton studio is a testament to his ceremonious approach—blending the line between classic automobile forms, colors, materials and fine art—and Nower’s work feeds off that energy.


A self-taught local photographer and filmmaker, Nower has found his muse in Johnston’s studio, photographing the lustrous leathers, vintage Ferrari 458 pistons hinted with oil residue, and the creative space where Johnston’s artworks are born.


And in those works, the artist takes an entropic approach to present the full spectrum of aesthetic possibilities built from a vintage automobile. From this vehicle we see daily, Johnston creates an array of surprising objects and images, sure to tantalize art lovers and automotive junkies alike.


Inspired by Johnston’s work and methods, Nower ‘s photographs utilize the reflective qualities in his surroundings and the uniqueness of these repurposed parts. Each piece studies how light is both absorbed and reflected by the subject, immersing the viewer in the creative space and process.


Mark Borghi Fine Art is located at 2426 Main Street in Bridgehampton. Call 631-537-7245 or visit for more info.


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