Nicolas Carone American, 1917-2010



Nicolas Carone, a painter and sculptor whose style is non-objective,  was born in New York City in 1917.  When he was five years old, his family moved to Hoboken, New Jersey where he spent the remainder of his childhood. Coming from an artistic family, Carone was encouraged to study art at a young age. By age eleven, he was enrolled in night school at the Leonardo da Vinci Art School.  


 At age fourteen, he left high school to pursue a full time art education. He attended the National Academy of Design where he was taught by the likes of Leon Kroll, Charles Curran, and Saul Olinsky. While attending, Carone and Kroll fostered a strong relationship,  "He was a big influence in my life. . .He was like a godfather”- Nicolas Carone.


After enlisting in World War II, Carone went on to study under Hans Hoffman, in both his New York School and Provincetown locations. Although he did not like Hoffman’s Abstract Expressionist paintings, he admired him tremendously as a teacher, often encouragng his students to find their own artistic style. 


Nicolas Carone is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Mobile Museum of Art.