Frank Born


Pink Swimmer examines the complexities and fragility of existence

Frank Born is a figurative painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Japan. Institutional exhibitions include University of Texas at Arlington, Pacific Union College, Cabrillo College, and the Institute for Humanities at the University of Michigan. His work consists of portraits from life and narrative paintings derived from dreams. 


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1997 Room 409, Nagoya, Japan
2000 Belcher Studios Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Nagoya City Archives, Nagoya, Japan
2002. Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, IL
2004 Levy Art and Architecture, San Francisco, CA

Rasmussen Gallery, Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA

Elizabeth S. Fine Museum, Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA 2008 Cabrillo Gallery, Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA
2015 Institute For The Humanities, University of Michigan, MI

Selected Group Exhibitions

  1. 1985  Duke x Seven: Seven Alumni Artists, Duke University Museum of Art, curated by Laura Kreps
  2. 1986  Artbridge, Kobe Municipal Gallery, Kobe, Japan

Annual Invitational, The Lab, San Francisco

1998 Seventh Annual Juried Show, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, curated by Bill Berkson —— I and-Constance Lewallen

  1. 2000  Annual Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
  2. 2001  Annual Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco

Mirror of the Mind: Contemporary Portraits, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, CO,

iiiiiiiiiicurated by Erica France
2002 The Figure: 3+3x3, The Gallery at UTA, University of Texas at Arlington, curated by Benito ——iiHuerta
2003 Up Close and Personal: Minimalist and Figurative Drawings, Karolyn Sherwood Gallery, Des ——i’Moines, Iowa
2006 Beyond the Likeness: Self-Portraits by California Artists, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, oooOCA, curated by George Rivera

Selected Catalogues

Frank Born: Portraits, Rasmussen Gallery, Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA Frank Born: Paintings 1997-2000, Nagoya City Archives, Nagoya, Japan




2008 Generation: A Painting by Frank Born 2015 Frank Born: Painter and Poets Project 2021 Artist Interview


2014 University of Michigan, Institute for the Humanities


2014 Portrait of Nicholas Delbanco, University of Michigan, English Department, permanent ——- —— -iinstallation in Hopwood Room


2004 Guest Lecturer, Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA

Public Lectures

  1. 2001  Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO, December 14
  2. 2002  The University of Texas at Arlington, Art Department, January 24

2008 Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, April 24
2015 Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan, April 16


2000 Inoue Sho(ji), exhibition review, Nagoya City Archives, in Chunichi shinbun, evening edition, ———April 20
2002 Gjared Robinson, "Body Art", The Shorthorn, University of Texas at Arlington, January 22 2002 Mike Daniel, "Figurative Art at the Gallery at UTA", The Dallas Morning News, February 22