Jennifer Pochinski


Since moving to California my preoccupation has been with figuration. My ideas are inseparable from the process. I only paint things that are very personal. At least that is where they start; and they go on their own course almost immediately. I try to approach painting in its purest form. My gut leads me more than my eye. So my work tends to be about whatever is working for me at that moment and also whatever is not working. Going through these motions daily in painting makes me braver in life. My work merely reflects daily attempts at self actualization.

Jennifer Pochinski is an American figurative painter whose work is characterized by the sensuousness of paint. Relationships, the male-female power dynamics and autobiographical elements are key themes in her work.

She was raised in Hawaii and received her BFA from the University of Hawaii in Painting in 1991. Much of her young adulthood was spent traveling and living on the mainland USA and Europe. Since late 2010, she has been living and working in California. She has also exhibited in New York, London Los Angeles and Seattle. Her work has appeared in the Paris Review and Huffington Post and American Art Collector.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, University of Hawaii 1991
Diploma of Higher Education Interior Architecture, Middlesex University AKTO Athens, Greece 2007




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April- September 2017
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