Dana Louise Kirkpatrick American, b. 1976



Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, born in Cambridge, MA, in 1976, is a contemprary artist whose work is best characterized as a loose and graphic style reminiscent of the 1980s street art movement.


Based in Los Angeles, California, her work aims to contextualize social, cultural and individual behaviors as they relate to themes such as injustice and violence. Kirkpatrick scavenges a variety of materials – from house paint to found detritus – that reposition the commonplace and the refined. 

Kirkpatrick has exhibited with The Hole (New York City, 2012), CultureFix (New York City, 2011), Compound Projects (Malibu, 2009), Canvas Gallery (Malibu, 2009), Quicksilver's SiteLA (Los Angeles, 2008), SmartCar (Los Angeles, 2007), and Marine Salon (Los Angeles, 2003).

In 2001, Kirkpatrick received the prestigious Leonardo DaVinci Medal from Georgetown University.