Piero Dorazio Italian, 1927-2005



Piero Dorazio is best known for his atmospheric paintings accompanied by  fluid brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and dynamic textures. Born in Rome, Dorazio studied formally in classical painting and drawing, followed by architecture; by the late 1940s, his presence in artistic and literary circles brought about the influence of Russian Suprematism , Constructivism, the School of Paris, Surrealsist biomorphism, and most notably, Italian Futurism—Dorazio was highly influenced by Gacomo Balla.


In the late 1950s, Dorazio began to create monochromatic, pictorial paintings whose surface consisted of woven strands of color and were likened to “a visible net.” As Dorazio’s work progressed, he continued his linear, crisscrossed paintings using designs that varied in density and complexity but were consistently concerned with luminosity.